Nordic Screen

NordicScreen is a fast-growing software company specializing in software for Digital Signage solutions, Meeting Room Displays, and Check-In solutions.

A digital signage screen is a valued piece of property. It is an ideal platform for communication, so why not take advantage of it? By combining FrontDesk and the NordicScreen products you get the full value of your digital screens. You get the innovative FrontDesk solution and combine it with a piece of software that makes knowledge sharing easy and user-friendly.

Take advantage of all your screens, and display everything from the weather and the local news to dashboards or the layout of today’s meetings.

At NordicScreen the customer experience is what comes first and every decision is made with a focus on ensuring the creation of user-friendly and intuitive solutions that provide the customer with smart and valuable tools for their communication.

Creating adapted, relevant, and timely messages or communication to a large audience across different cities or even countries should be easy, and ensuring that is the main focus of NordicScreen. That is why, all NordicScreen solutions can be remotely controlled, so no matter where in the world, you or your screen is located, you can access the online platform and manage all your screens from your computer.

NordicScreen is a Danish company, but manages solutions in several different countries.

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