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Appointments Only (Virtual) (Zoobia)

Virtual location. Internal reservation pages. Call center, IT Tech Hub.

FrontDesk Virtual makes it possible to set up booking sites with many of the well-known and advanced FrontDesk features. FrontDesk users can create and edit customer flows and services offered that make it easy for customers to book an appointment online. Using editable questions, you ensure that the customer books the right service for a time.




Use FrontDesk Virtual for events

FrontDesk Virtual can also be used for other than appointments with people. For example, you can use FrontDesk Virtual to collect registrations for your event. You can also use it to make an appointment in the swimming pool, so you ensure that there is enough space in the swimming pool’s changing room and pool – and avoid sending citizens away due to lack of space.



An easy overview

FrontDesk Virtual makes it easy for you to get an overview of both appointments for meetings as well as registrations for events and other citizen-friendly offers such as the swimming pool, museum or the like where a FrontDesk kiosk and big screen are not needed.


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As with FrontDesk’s innovative features, you can manage available times, available services by day or time of day, set limits on the number of participants and much more.

Other useful places to use FrontDesk Virtual are to manage employees who regularly contact citizens. Citizens can use FrontDesk Virtual to book a time to receive a call from the employee on any topic. That way, the right employee can call the citizen at a pre-determined time, and the citizen will not sit in a long telephone queue or end up with the wrong caseworker.

We would gladly show how this works in your organization. Reach out now and let’s have a chat.


Chief Executive Officer
Nicolas Jøns Larsen