Data-driven decision making!

Do you want to drive your decision-making based on tangible data? Get all the data and answers to your questions through the comprehensive analytics module in FrontDesk.

Included in all versions of FrontDesk, all the data can be incorporated into your own Business Intelligence and make reporting even easier.

Through the FrontDesk admin, you both get at-a-glance statistics as well as a deep dive into all relevant data collected by the system.

laptop with FrontDesk statistic dashboard

What is included?

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  • Analytics on all reservations
  • Analytics on all walk-ins
  • Analytics on all staff transactions (can be anonymized)
  • Analytics on all wait times
    – Per day, per service, per employee etc
  • Analytics on all service times
    – Per day, per service, per employee etc.
  • Analytics on all tickets (when reservations are not used)
  • Analytics on all ticket handlings
  • Visualizations for a quick overview
  • Raw data for download/export to own systems
  • User-based access to statistics and download features
  • Custom reporting options in Excel or similar
  • Overview of upcoming reservations and traffic
  • Analytics on no-shows, cancelled appointments etc.
  • And much more

Use your own Business Intelligence

If you already use your own Business Intelligence platform, we will gladly set up a connection between the data in FrontDesk with your exisiting system.

This way, you gather data in your own environment in a safe and easy way. Avoid working with different data sheets and improve your reporting.

Get the overview you deserve either in FrontDesk’s own analytics module or in your own business intelligence.

Reach out today and learn how to get started!