Made for the public sector

FrontDesk queue management system (QMS) creates better experiences for customers, staff and management. The benefits start from day one with zero wait time and no more over time for staff.

Queue Management
Eliminate wait time

Visitor management System
With FrontDesk’s unique online booking and queue management system, your customers don’t wait in line. Give your customers time back and enjoy a predictable day.

Appointment Management
No more lineups

Front desk management
Decide what your day looks like with intuitive Front Desk schedules that spread customer bookings throughout the day. With us, staffing is easy.

Made for the public sector

Digital queue management
With over 10 years of experience from the World’s most digital public sector, Denmark, we guarantee our visitor management system will take your digital transformation to the next level. Read about our public sector clients here.

Online Services

Front desk management
Channel your customers to your online/call center channels through our visitor management system. Free up resources for your customers who need in-person services.

Data-driven decisions
Optimize using your Data

QMS Mangement
With data on every touchpoint, our queue management system makes it easy to optimize your operations. Know which days are busy and when you can send staff home to their families early.

Protect and stay safe
Touchless experience

QMS on mobile
Let customers check-in for appointments using their own smartphone. This eliminates the need for a waiting area and helps with physical distancing.


Looking for data to drive your decision-making? Let FrontDesk’s advanced statistic module guide you.

With statistics on both previous and upcoming days, managing staffing, creating reports and optimize your business have never been easier.

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What our customers say

Chief Information Officer
Shawn Slack

The City of Mississauga, Canada’s 6th largest City, was one of many municipalities where operations were impacted during the first wave of COVID19. Learn how 19 libraries use FrontDesk daily to continue services

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Photo of WFCU Centre with blue skies
IT Site Lead, City of Windsor

How FrontDesk and Windsor-Essex Health Unit created a seamless flow in 2 days for the COVID vaccination push in the region.

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Mock up of FrontDesk Monitor
Leader – IT Projects
Ali Khan

With an average wait time of just 2 minutes, FrontDesk’s Queue Management System (QMS) implementation at the Ontario Court of Justice was a success for both staff and visitors from day one.

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City of Mississauga Library Meadowvale Community Centre
IT Business Manager, City Services
Paul Burns

The City of Mississauga, Canada’s 6th largest City, was one of many municipalities where operations were impacted during the first wave of COVID19. Learn how 19 libraries use FrontDesk daily to continue services

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City of Brampton

Brampton is a well-run city, focused on continuously improving the day-to-day operations of the corporation by streamlining service delivery to ensure timely and efficient customer service.

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Our Queue Management System (QMS)

Understand why FrontDesk is the leading QMS in the market

We are great at eliminating queues and improving satisfaction. We also create some pretty cool videos explaining why we are the leading Queue Management System (QMS) for the public sector.

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Our Queue Management System eliminates all wait time

The leading Queue Management System (QMS) on the market

We are not only founded in the World’s most digital public sector. We are made for the public sector. Our innovative queue management system (QMS) is tailored for the complexity of government services and we comply with local privacy and data regulations.

Automate and digitize workflows with FrontDesk’s market leading queue and appointment management system.

FrontDesk is a cutting-edge queue management system that improves customer flows, minimizes wait times, streamlines online scheduling, and enhances service levels. FrontDesk is widely used as the preferred scheduling and queue management platform in citizen services offices such as, Clerk’s Offices, Courts, Building/Planning, Health departments and hospitals.

The FrontDesk queue management system currently covers large and small cities all over the world and have been able to document the significant efficiency that an implementation of our queue management system has resulted in. With FrontDesk’s online appointment booking capabilities, all FrontDesk customers are seeing a better usage of internal resources, which in turn, increases the overall customer experience.

From peak loads and crowded waiting rooms to overview and transparent work schedules

In a conventional citizen service center, it is not uncommon to see a queue outside the main door – even outside of opening hours! This is followed by a busy period with various unknowns, as citizens often have different purposes for their visit. The wait time can lead to great frustration for both the individual and the employee. After that, there is often a quiet period, but since the employee must be available for any citizens who may come during the day, the employee cannot dedicate their full attention to other tasks.

In a citizen service that uses FrontDesk’s queue and appointment management system, you understand staffing needs before the day begins.

Before a citizen checks in at our user-friendly Smart Kiosk, you have insights about the citizen’s appointment readily at hand. This can include e.g. pre-filled document, payment or other case-relevant information. FrontDesk’s robust and comprehensive reporting tools provide an actionable view of e.g. employee resource allocation and task management throughout the day. Everything happens digitally and through welcoming Smart Kiosks in your lobby.

This is, of course, just an example of workflows that our queue management system can relieve and improve. For a more detailed introduction to the system, you can access a video that goes through the system in detail. You are more than welcome to contact us – or our customers – with any questions.