Greet your guests with style

Free up resources with FrontDesk’s outlook add-in and use FrontDesk’s smart kiosk to check in your guests. It is as simple as:

  1. Invite your guests for a meeting through Outlook
  2. Use the FrontDesk add-in directly from Outlook
  3. Let guests check in using the kiosk
  4. Receive notification of the guests’ arrival

That’s it! No more waiting in the lobby waiting for a no-show or a delayed guest.


Photo Of Computer Calendar And Traditional Calendar

What else can the add-in do?

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  • Let your invited guests use the Smart Kiosk to check-in
  • Get instant notifications about your checked-in guests
  • Reduce wasted time for staff waiting in lobby
  • Create custom messaging on both the kiosk and printed ticket
  • Guests use either a booking code or phone number to check-in
  • Take advantage of Outlook’s existing confirmation/reminder service
  • Add-in is easy to install and does not need access to any servers
  • Create a seamless customer journey for invitees to meetings.