Our online time booking creates higher customer satisfaction

With more than 10 years of experience in time booking and resource management, FrontDesk has the best features and usability on the market. The system is flexible and can be adapted to all scenarios, from the smallest service center to locations with a hundred counters and several thousand daily operations.

Citizens’ satisfaction increases when switching to FrontDesk’s time booking, as citizens know exactly when they will be served and thus avoid unnecessary waiting time. Citizens who show up without a reserved time can book directly at the Smart Kiosk, and thus be included in the flow.

Smart ressourcestyring

Time reservations in an intelligent resource management system

By making it easy to cancel a time, the number of non-attendance customers is minimized. Canceled times will be immediately available to other customers.

Time reservations minimize busy hours by spreading citizens’ appointments throughout the day.

The intelligent resource management system shows times around the times already booked, so the agreements are grouped. This results in fewer disruptions for employees.

Online services save time

Online operations make it possible to differentiate the operating time for different types of tasks. For example, one can choose to set up passports of 6 minutes, and 2 passports of 10 minutes. The system builds up the day like a perfect puzzle and ensures an optimal flow for employees. Statistical extractions can be used to estimate the operating time for different types of tasks.

It is easy to schedule the displayed times using the intuitive editor.

Nem ressourcestyring

What can our resource management do?

Resources usually represent employees, but can easily be used to manage meeting rooms, company cars, and everything else.

FrontDesk can also distinguish between person-specific and generic resources. For example, it may be appropriate to select a specific person if a time is to be reserved for rehabilitation, but not when renewing passports.

Resources can be utilized differently. For example, an intern may have a factor of 2, so time reservations take twice as long in the calendar. A super user with a factor of 0.8 can be booked for only 8 minutes for a 10-minute task.

No two days are alike. Therefore, it is easy to create an exception from the automatic day stamp. For example, if a department meeting is to be held, a period may be blocked during the exhibited times.

Resources can be set to open automatically when certain criteria are met. The manager can choose to receive a message via email or SMS if the day is about to be fully booked.

person in wheelchair using kiosk with standing person using kiosk