Let our smart check-in kiosk greet you!

It’s sleek, modern and Danish design awaits your customers. FrontDesk offers Smart Check-in Kiosks and Smart Tablets that make it incredibly easy for customers to check-in. The perfect waiting line management.

The check-in Smart Kiosk is, in short, a key piece in your waiting line management strategy. If you want to eliminate queuing, our check-in kiosk is it.

FrontDesk kiosk with assistive technology

What is included?

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  • Smart visitation directly on the terminal
  • Infrared scanner for IDs, QR codes etc
  • 21.5″ touch screen
  • Language selection
  • QR code on number ticket
  • Accessibility features available
  • Reserved appointments are automatically integrated into the queue system
  • Possibility to reserve time directly on the terminal
  • Automatic message via text message or e-mail to meeting organizer when citizen has arrived
  • Print information directly on the terminal

Lots of great features!

Handle walk-ins seamlessly on the spot

Waiting line management

Let the Smart Kiosk handle walk-ins by providing a seamless booking experience.

Check in for your appointment

Smart self check in kiosk

Use the Smart check-in Kiosk to check-in for your appointment. Staff is instantly notified of a check-in.

Print tickets with relevant information

Check-in kiosk receipt

Print tickets directly from the Smart Kiosk. The tickets are easily customized with your own logo, text, QR codes etc.

Integrated with online bookings

Smart kiosk appointment

All available times seen on the Smart Kiosk are seamlessly integrated with the same available times seen online. Don’t worry about double bookings.

We are bilingual - add language easily

Check in kiosk worldwide

Need various languages? It is easy to change languages on the Smart check-in Kiosk. Do you want Danish? No problem.

Only needs an internet connection

Smart kiosk wifi

Our Smart Check-in Kiosks only need an internet connection to run. All changes are made by you from your office and applied instantly. Oh – it needs power as well.

Works on a tablet too!

The FrontDesk Smart Check-in Kiosk also runs on a tablet. This makes it easy for floor walkers to greet your customers. Others use the tablets to handle locations, where staff’s presence is needed:

  • Immunization sites such as flu vaccination, COVID19 vaccination etc.
  • Highly specialized areas, such as courthouses, recreation facilities etc. requiring staff to be present
  • Physical limitations where a full-scale FrontDesk kiosk cannot be installed
  • Visitor management, where staff needs to check e.g. contractors in/out

In short, the FrontDesk Smart Check-in Tablet is a versatile way to get started with waiting line management. It is easy to connect a table printer to a tablet. This way, customers can still receive the customized printed tickets.

Want to know more about the different smart check-in kiosks? Contact us now.


What else is included?

If you have any questions, let us have a talk!

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  • Cancelled times are instantly available on the smart kiosk
  • Easily insert pre-screening questions
  • Smart kiosks can be shared across departments
  • Get statistics on smart kiosk use and optimize the flow
  • Accessibility is top of mind. Read more here
  • Let customers use either phone number or booking code to check in
  • Set specific rules to e.g. disallow same-day reservations
  • Disable printing of tickets
  • Visitor Management – allow for both check-in and check-out