Safety standard

By having so many customers who trust and use FrontDesk, we always make sure that our platform lives up to available security standards. We use the leading Microsoft Azure-platform as a server and for storage. By using Microsoft Azure, we ensure both stability, backup as well as leading security of both our systems and data.

Our technical team is always up to date on existing and new technology, and by working closely with the Microsoft Azures intelligence community, our platform is both built and runs on security as the most important guideline. We know the value of data and a stable environment.

All user configuration of FrontDesk, as well as user data, is stored in Microsoft Azure with continuous backup. Data is stored locally under applicable laws and regulations.

We encourage our customers to collect as little sensitive data as possible from their customers. However, we understand that it may be necessary to collect sensitive data. Our system can be configured to anonymize customer data after a certain period – from right after the customer’s appointment to 30 days later or more.


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Single Sign On

FrontDesk takes data security seriously.

This is why we offer several ways to log in to your FrontDesk account. From regular authentication through email/password to IP Approval so only certain IPs can log in etc.

Most importantly, we support logging in with Single Sign-On. We use the SAML authentication method and supports both cloud-based options such as Azure AD as well as on-prem solutions such as ADFS.

Setting Single Sign-On up is easy and takes 2 minutes in FrontDesk. All we need is your tenant ID. The rest is easy to configure.

Data protection agreement

We always enter into tailor-made data protection agreements with our customers, and understand that all organizations are different. We can offer a standard agreement based on our many years of experience, but also make sure to comply with the organization’s data protection agreements.

For added comfort, we perform regular penetrationtests on our system, and are externally audited every two years to ensure the highest standards of data protection, standards and use.

In FrontDesk you will find answers to all questions and challenges you may encounter in connection with the daily operation of the system. We are constantly developing our support pages to provide updated solutions – both in text and as video instructions.