SHI is an authorized FrontDesk Reseller in the US. FrontDesk is proud to partner with SHI in the US, where we jointly support our customers with powerful solutions and local relationships.

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  • CMIT Solutions

    CMIT Solutions has partnered with FrontDesk Queue Management Systems Inc (FrontDesk), a company that provides a digital platform for managing customer queues and appointments.

    This partnership will allow FrontDesk to have a local presence in communities across the country while leveraging the expertise of CMIT Solutions’ specialists to support the platform. With this partnership, businesses can optimize their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and receive expert IT support and services.

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  • NordicScreen – Digital Signage and Meeting Room Display

    NordicScreen is a fast-growing software company specializing in software for Digital Signage solutions and Meeting Room Displays.

    Creating adapted, relevant, and timely messages or communication to a large audience across different cities or even countries should be easy. Do it all with NordicScreen and FrontDesk.

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  • KMD

    Too often, digitization starts with technology and not with user needs. KMD WorkZone represents a break from this mindset and introduces a smarter, more efficient approach to information management. With KMD WorkZone, you set the course, destination and starting point. For the first time, you can start a digitization journey from YOUR starting point, giving you freedom and flexibility in choosing your implementation strategy and pace.

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  • Biometric Solutions

    Biometric Solutions delivers several user-friendly biometric solutions that focus on the user. All solutions have been carefully thought out and intensively tested to fit the needs of a government office. The focus of the biometric solutions is on a first-class user experience for citizens and employees of authorities and registration offices alike.

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  • Telefaction

    Since 2015, FrontDesk has been working with TeleFaction to continuously improve the customer experience. FrontDesk and TeleFaction’s customer surveys document customer satisfaction and help you find the right balance between digitalization, efficiency and great customer service.

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