Customer surveys via SMS & e-mail

The best of both worlds

FrontDesk and TeleFaction customer surveys document customer satisfaction and help you find the right balance between digitalization, efficiency and great customer service.

Customers’ feedback is linked to selected data from FrontDesk and presented in TeleFaction’s GEMBA online reporting platform, where the results can be viewed and edited in a variety of ways.

  • FrontDesk makes it easy to collect customer feedback
  • TeleFaction makes it easy to work with customer feedback

Customer satisfaction at the top of the list

TeleFaction has been working with public and private companies across Europe since 2001. In 2020, TeleFaction became part of Axcess Nordics, strengthening its leading position in customer experience in the Nordic countries.

TeleFaction helps companies develop and optimize customer experiences by collecting feedback from customers, employees, etc. through their own solutions or in collaboration with other providers. The collected feedback is integrated into various operational systems, including the GEMBA portal, where feedback is reported live via easily accessible dashboards and charts, and broken down by insightful background data (such as location, team, employee, the reason for request, hours, days, months).

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