Transform the Student Experience with FrontDesk's Queue and Appointment Management Platform

Welcome to a new era of campus and student coordination.

With a focus on reducing wait times and optimizing resource allocation, our platform transforms the way your university & college manages your student services.

Transform your Student Services Office, Office of the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student ID and other helpdesks now.

Why FrontDesk is perfect for you

Smartphone Booking and Virtual Check-in

icon of smartphone and fingers

Right at hand – book your appointment or join the line directly from your smartphone. Book virtual or in-person appointments with a few clicks.

Customize the booking process

Create custom booking flows that ensure students are service ready. Direct students to online services or applications before booking.

Get service-ready students with notifications

Set up custom confirmation and reminder messages to avoid no-shows. Get service-ready students with reminders on what to bring and prepare.

This is more than a scheduling tool — it's a game changer

Eliminate all queuing with FrontDesk's queue management platform
Increase student and staff satisfaction with appointment scheduling
Remove line-ups with smartphone check-in options for walk-ins

Empower Your Students, Staff, and Faculty

From one-on-one academic advising to lab equipment booking, we’ve got you covered. With our platform, your students can:

  1. Schedule Appointments with Ease: No more long phone calls or back-and-forth emails. Book virtual and in-person appointments with staff, advisors, professors, or any other campus service with just a few clicks.
  2. Manage Queues Effectively: Say goodbye to waiting in long lines. View real-time availability and virtual queues, students receive notifications when it’s their turn.
  3. Personalized Experience: Customize your scheduling needs according to your timetable. Plan ahead and make the most of your valuable time.

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Simplify the student experience

In a packed schedule of classes and exams, let students worry about one thing less. Deliver better services to your students with FrontDesk’s platform and flatten peak hours.

Start creating a best-in-class experience for offices such as the Registrar’s, Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising, IT and many more. Run your entire Campus on FrontDesk’s queue and appointment management platform

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Innovate – and elevate – the experience

Witness firsthand the simplicity, efficiency, and innovation that our platform brings to university scheduling. Whether you’re a student looking to book appointments, a faculty member coordinating office hours, or an administrator seeking to optimize campus operations, our platform has something to offer everyone.

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