Managing people flow for COVID19 vaccinations

FrontDesk, a leading queue and appointment management platform, has the past 10 years helped cities, regions, universities, health centres and other large organizations with managing their appointments and customer flow.

Having eliminated wait times for millions of people, 2021 posed a challenge not seen before.

Enter FrontDesk Suite.

COVID19 mass vaccination – Canada style

Having helped the City of Windsor the past year with their appointment and citizen flow, a quick phone call put the wheels in motion. 2 days later, a complete citizen flow for the mass vaccination sites in the Windsor-Essex region was built in collaboration between FrontDesk’s Consultants and various stakeholders from Windsor-Essex.

One week later, a complete implementation with configuration, hardware, software and training was completed and installed at the WFCU Centre in Windsor. Normally, the WFCU Centre hosts various recreation facilities as well as the hockey team, Windsor Spitfires.

Photo of WFCU Centre with blue skies

“I must say, their ability to respond and make improvement tweaks to the system has been impressive.  They have been super easy to work with.”

– Senior Manager, City of Windsor

Creating a simple, safe and seamless flow

FrontDesk innovative platform guides citizens through the mass vaccination sites, which, quite Canadian, takes place in a large hockey arena with multiple rinks needed for vaccinations.

“Our team is able to adapt on the fly as the situation warrants. The system is easy to configure/customize and the hardware is versatile enough that we are never limited by the physical space.

FrontDesk has enabled us to optimize our site’s customer service experience and reduce the strain on staff with managing traffic.”

– IT Site Lead, City of Windsor

By utilizing the FrontDesk Suite platform, every step – from check-in to recovery – is finely managed and guided by the staff on-site with a few clicks on their tablets or computers.

Instant overview of the vaccination journey

The many features of FrontDesk Suite gives staff a complete overview of the citizens on-site: have a citizen just arrived, have they registered, did they get their vaccination shot or are they recovering the mandatory 15-30 minutes after receiving their vaccination?

All these questions and more are answered instantly by using FrontDesk’s Employee App. Every step collects useful and anonymized data which can be used to optimize the vaccination flow.

With a few simple clicks, the entire experience and citizen flow can be configured based on real-time data.

With many years of experience, managing the citizen flow for one of the largest vaccinations campaign in our lifetime posed a challenge the FrontDesk Suite platform handled successfully.

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