We promise

We promise to always go above and beyond. We promise to always act professional, with integrity while maintaining our authenticity.

We are committed to our relationship and want you to look good. Because, we know if you look good, we do the same. As a company, we always ask our valuable employees to take time to get to know you. We are genuine and trustworthy.

With our Danish roots, we keep things simple, are pragmatic and do not mind throwing a joke into the mix every once in a while. We believe this fosters the best relationship.

person in wheelchair using kiosk with standing person using kiosk

Our Mission is simple

In a world where people decidedly seek to be more flexible, agile, autonomous and most of all efficient, Front Desk will keep developing innovative and useful software solutions to minimize idle time.

It is done through continuous development based on user feedback and comprehensive data to improve user management in public and private institutions worldwide.