Our Full Suite gets you in control of time

Build on feedback from our clients, we give you the best queue and appointment management platform.


Instant results with online bookings

We will get you started with online bookings immediately and the rest is managed seamlessly by the FrontDesk platform:

  • Start with online bookings
  • Check-in using the Smart Kiosk
  • Call the customer using the FrontDesk Monitor
  • Service the customer using the Employee App
  • Send an after-visit survey
  • Get comprehensive statistics and create an even better journey


Easily manage walk ins

Haven’t made an online booking? No problem. Let us handle walk-ins with our innovative queue management platform:

  • The FrontDesk Smart Kiosk greets you
  • Select the Service you need
  • Pick a time that works for you. It might be now – it might be tomorrow?
  • Staff calls the customer using the FrontDesk Monitor
  • Service the customer using the Employee App
  • Send an after-visit survey
  • Get comprehensive statistics and create an even better journey

Why FrontDesk will help you from day 1

FrontDesk is the best queue and appointment management for the public sector.

With 10 years of experience in eliminating queuing, optimizing appointments and digitalizing manual processes, we are the preferred platform for the public sector.

We believe in efficiencies and a great customer experience for everyone involved.

Our platform was built with the simple solution in mind – giving time back to staff, management and citizens. Too much time was wasted by waiting in line, sitting in waiting areas, waiting in vain, waiting when you could have used an online service. The list is long, what is not long is the wait time after implementing FrontDesk.

Get time back on your hands. It is not a marketing gimmick. This is what we do.

Our Full Suite platform has again and again proven its value for both staff, management and citizens.  On average among ALL FrontDesk clients, the average wait time when using our system was 1 minute and 11 seconds. 

This makes us proud because we know that your time is valuable.

See how it works

Utilizing the innovative and complex scheduling tool in FrontDesk Suite allows citizens to book a time online. The bookings are handled through a schedule that is closely customized by you. You can customize it to fit your hourly, daily, weekly or monthly operations. Our intuitive booking platform spreads the customer’s visits throughout the day, eliminating both wait time and peak hours.

Yes, we like details. Details and the ability to customize are what set us apart. Our system is built with the unique needs governments and public sectors have for queue and appointment management.


  • Watch our video now and see how it all works.

We take care of the journey from A to Z

Queue management in an online world

Many public services are done online today. But some services still need human interaction. We are the platform that handles the multi-channel journey. Let FrontDesk take care of the initial screening process, making the physical visit as efficient and quick as possible.

Online bookings from day one

If the customer journey starts online, FrontDesk intuitive appointment scheduling platform makes sure the customer books the right service. Our highly customizable online booking sites guide your customer through an intuitive booking flow. 

Seamless incorporate bookings and walk-ins

When your customers visit your City Hall, rest assured FrontDesk’s Smart Kiosk will take care of them. If they already have a booking, the customer checks in using their smart phone or a FrontDesk Smart Kiosk. For walk-ins, the customizable flow on the Smart Kiosk, guides the customer through a booking flow.

Reduce no-shows with digital communication

Customize SMS and Email communication for your customers by sending confirmation texts, reminder emails and communicate directly with your customers through the Employee App.

Get an instant overview of your day and the days ahead

Behind the scenes, the employees take advantage of the comprehensive yet simple-to-use Employee App and FrontDesk dashboard. Here staff can monitor today’s, tomorrow’s or the week’s plan: who are coming, why are they coming and when do they come. This makes it easy to plan for extra – or fewer – resources. Employees can communicate with citizens through email or SMS directly through the Employee App and much more.

Use all the tools of FrontDesk

FrontDesk Suite also includes info screens that highlight who is next, which counter to see and much more. You can easily update the info screens with relevant information, pictures, videos and much more.