FrontDesk Employee App – your key tool to handle your appointments

Behold. The Employee App.

This is the main tool for handling your day-to-day operations in your office. Get an overview of all checked-in customers, register the service provided and close the ticket, see upcoming reservations – today, tomorrow, next week. All in the Employee App.

With the ability to run on multiple devices, do not let a counter or desktop PC slow you down.

The web-based Employee App runs on any device, making it easy to greet your customers out on the floor all while managing the traffic.


What is included?

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  • See and call all checked-in customers
  • Get an overview of upcoming reservations
  • Get comprehensive statistics on wait time, service time and more
  • Create new reservations
  • Export data for own statistics, Power BI etc.
  • Communicate with customers through SMS
  • Transfer a ticket to a colleague – or a different location
  • Approve/reject reservation and customize messaging
  • See who is working on a specific ticket and track the state of the ticket
  • Mask sensitive data and log who un-masks data
  • And much more.

Get an instant overview of your operations

Through the comprehensive statistic module inside the Employee App, you get all the necessary analytics you need to manage your day-to-day operations. Need to optimize? Know where and how to improve by using the data provided. Of course, we are happy to help as well.

With features requested by – and developed for – the public sector, we understand the different needs and complexities involved in your daily work. Let the Employee App be your tool for serving customers. It is intuitive, responsive and easy to use by all. No special hardware is required as the Employee App is web-based and responsive.

All you need is to log in, grab a cup of coffee and you are ready to help your customers!

Employee App

What else is included

  • Ability to register multiple services on a single transaction
  • Set up alerts when wait times exceed a certain limit
  • Notification when a citizen draws a number, checks in etc.
  • Notification when special attention is needed
  • Ability to move “wrong” numbers to correct queue
  • Integration with appointment calendar
  • Full overview of all meetings and reservations
  • Communicate with the citizen
  • Unlimited number of users
  • And much more