Connecting people, processes and platforms

A multifaceted digitization journey

Where FrontDesk leaves off, you can continue with KMD Workzone. While FrontDesk’s platform is used to manage and influence the process before and during an appointment, KMD Workzone as a multi-solution gives you the opportunity to effectively manage the processes behind the scenes.

This allows you to use the KMD platform to guide your internal business processes from A to Z. The appointment received can be digitally stored in the KMD platform’s document management system (DMS) or enterprise content management (ECM). With the help of KMD’s resource management, you can assign your staff to the respective tasks. If the requests are common, you can set up a standard workflow in the system. This way, the staff involved automatically receives a request and can process it. Through flow analysis, you can analyze and map process data and work out simpler and more efficient handling. This allows you to identify where you can optimize your workflow.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use the platform in your administration.

KMD Workzone can also be a CM, CRM, CCM, MDI and BI all at once. The platform allows users to tailor the solution to their exact needs and model specific, customized workflows for tasks, entities and processes. Leveraging the modelling capabilities enables users to build a solid foundation for designing and implementing business processes to support digital transformation.

Denmark’s largest software development center

KMD is leading the digitalization of the public sector in Denmark and has been part of the NEC Group since 2019. NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies with a history of more than 120 years. KMD and NEC aim to provide innovative solutions for the digital transformation of the public sector worldwide by leveraging their technologies and expertise in this field.

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