FrontDesk and NordicScreen – Digital Signage and Meeting Room Displays

Digital Signage for everyone

A digital signage screen is a valued piece of property. It is an ideal platform for communication, so why not take advantage of it?

By combining FrontDesk and the NordicScreen products you get the full value of your digital screens. You get the innovative FrontDesk solution and combine it with a piece of software that makes knowledge sharing easy and user-friendly.

Take advantage of all your screens, and display everything from the weather and the local news to dashboards or the layout of today’s meetings.

  • Automatic integration with your calendar
  • Calendar activity overview
  • Easy drag-and-drop design
  • Use your own TV
  • Integrate with your business intelligence platform
  • Guide customers to the right rooms
  • Easily add widgets for e.g. weather, news and video
  • And much more

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Smart Meeting Room Tablets

Looking for an empty meeting room can be both annoying and time-consuming. With a Q-Cal Meeting Room Display solution, you optimize the use of your meeting facilities. 

The LED edge makes it easy to spot available meeting rooms even from a long distance. The two-way calendar integration ensures that both your calendar and the meeting room display are automatically updated based on changes to your schedule.

If a meeting has exceeded the start time, and the start button has not been pressed, the room will automatically become available. And, with the ad hoc booking feature, you can book short meetings directly on the screen.

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About NordicScreen and FrontDesk

FrontDesk and NordicScreen has collaborated since 2021. Since then, we have helped several clients deliver captivating digital signage as well as informative and dynamic counter views for customer service locations.

NordicScreen is a fast-growing software company specializing in software for Digital Signage solutions and Meeting Room Displays.

Creating adapted, relevant, and timely messages or communication to a large audience across different cities or even countries should be easy. Do it all with NordicScreen and FrontDesk.

FrontDesk is proud to work with NordicScreen’s products globally.

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