High quality public service

Biometric Solutions develops a wide range of high-quality and user-friendly products such as the Document Output Box® and the Photo Station, which are directly integrated into a wide variety of specialized processes.

FrontDesk is perfectly integrated with Biometric Solutions’ photo station. This allows customers to be directed to the photo station upon arrival at the government office and have a passport photo taken before being served by staff.

Document Output Box®

The best-known product is Document Output Box®. With Document Output Box®, documents such as passports or ID cards can be picked up around the clock without the involvement of a government staff. The delivery is initiated directly in the specialized procedure and the delivery is automatically logged.

If there are old documents that need to be collected and destroyed before the new document is issued, this can also be done directly with the help of the Document Output Box®.

Soon it will also be possible to initiate the delivery of documents such as driver’s licenses and fishing licenses in the specialized procedure. It is also planned to leave lost property in the specialized box.

The document issue box can also be used to manage the distribution and delivery of other documents and objects between the government office and citizens, and employees of the administration can also exchange documents and objects such as laptops, keys etc.

Photo station

At the photo station, citizens can take their own photographs before e.g. their driver’s licence or passport appointment.

Measured from the center of the camera lens, our photo station is variably adjustable in height. When a user stands in front of the station, it automatically adjusts its height by locating the face and determining the correct height for taking the passport photo.

The automatic height adjustment also ensures the optimum height alignment of the touchscreen.

The finished image is automatically attached to the relevant ID card application as part of the specialized process, so the employee only has to check that it meets the requirements.

It is that simple.

Design philosophy

Our design philosophy is based on many years of experience with biometric data capture coupled with Danish design tradition. The result is aesthetically pleasing solutions that are easy to set up in any environment, blend in, and are functional and effective at the same time.

The focus is on user-friendly design so that both employees and citizens alike are able to use the solutions and all accessories intuitively and easily.

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