Everyone uses Frontdesk in Hvidovre

FrontDesk is used across different departments in the Hvidovre Municipality administration. This provides operational advantages as well as a professional exchange of experience that contributes to an optimized use of the platform. In the different administrations FrontDesk is utilized in accordance with specific needs and it contributes in different ways to an expedient and flexible citizen service.

Smiling counter staff at city hall greeting residents



At the Hvidovre Municipality administration, FrontDesk was employed first at the Citizen Service Centre and the Job Centre, where the platform’s many advantages in terms of planning and managing the reception of citizens were quickly learned. Expedient service, better communication, greater overview.

The Job Centre especially benefited greatly from the new system. The employees here are placed a level above the reception area and the former number system did not inform them when the citizens arrived.

Mock up of FrontDesk Monitor


The colleagues in the municipality’s other administrations were facing challenges with the citizen service before they had FrontDesk implemented.

“At the Pension Office, for example, people walked in directly from the street and approached the employees with their cases. It disturbed especially the employees who were seated closest to the entrance and the repeated interruptions caused a stir and created an unsatisfactory environment for both employees and citizens”

Christina Warlund, Digitization Consultant.

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But in hallways and break rooms the word was spread about the benefits of FrontDesk and it provided the breeding ground for the idea of implementing FrontDesk in all departments.

The process started with an orientation meeting in the spring of 2017, where employees from all departments participated. The man behind FrontDesk – Director Lasse Rydberg – was invited to give a presentation on FrontDesk and the system’s possibilities.

The meeting was a success and several of the municipality’s departments decided to implement FrontDesk as a result of it. And by August 2017, two months later, the platform was fully functional in all the newly joined departments – the Health Centre, the Pension Office and the Department for Technology and Culture.



  • Large-scale operational advantages
  • Greater citizen satisfaction
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Faster visitation
  • Flexible control of queues
  • Better experience in the waiting area
  • No stress in the queue, no conflicts


Resources are saved at the municipality’s Health Centre by allowing FrontDesk to handle the reception of citizens. The department had just been relocated to a 3 storey building and so it made good sense to implement FrontDesk – especially in connection with receiving the citizens that turn up for rehabilitation therapy.

The citizens now check in on the FrontDesk stand on the ground floor and the screen informs them where to go. At the same time, the employee is informed of the citizen’s arrival on his/her computer. This ensures an efficient and calm daily process and an overall better citizen service. At the same time, the FrontDesk SMS service ensures that fewer citizens forget their appointment or that they remember to cancel it.

people exercising in a room using FrontDesk to check-in


The Department for Construction Projects was under a great amount of pressure and received a lot of criticism for its month-long case processing. The implementation of FrontDesk lead to a better structure of the workday and it furthermore freed up time for case processing.

Today the citizens have to book an appointment, where they choose if they would prefer a conference call or a physical meeting at the department. This ensures much shorter waiting periods for the citizens, and at the same time, it has made it possible for the department to limit opening hours so as to make better time for case processing.

man working on building blueprint


At the Hvidovre Municipality administration it is the philosophy that FrontDesk is always right – and that philosophy is passed on to new employees. The structure of the FrontDesk user interface is not random, but developed on the background of the wishes and experiences of the individual department, and the logic of the system is therefore the most expedient and user-friendly way to receive the citizens.

It might take a little time to learn the logic behind it, but once you do, you have also understood the municipality’s philosophy for the reception of citizens.

As May Sahin, Consultant, says it: “FrontDesk is always right”.



One of the benefits of sharing FrontDesk across the different departments
is the possibility of sharing experiences and resources. The Citizen Service Centre is, on a daily basis, responsible for the system and all operational tasks – from changing controls in the user interface to changing receipt rolls. All the departments are located within a radius of one kilometre, so the two digitization consultants who support the colleagues can get quickly around on foot or by bike.

“FrontDesk really is a super system to work in”
Christina Warlund, Digitization Consultant

The system is still new, so the processes regarding the daily operation are not completely in place. The goal is to train a superuser in every department so as to develop a greater ownership of the technical part of the platform. “FrontDesk really is a super system to work in – it’s very intuitive”, says Christina Warlund, “but some employees are a bit intimidated by the technology”.

That is why the future super users must possess a certain technical interest. We would not want a repeat of a recent call from an employee who could not fit the receipt roll into the stand. When Christina came over to the stand, she could conclude with a dry observation, “that is because you’re trying to fit a calculator roll in there”.