Extended support during the historic vaccine roll-out

Highly customizable online bookings

With the vaccine rollout as the key to stopping the COVID pandemic from becoming worse, cities and regions need systems that can be implemented quickly and handle large citizen flows, dynamic appointment scheduling, and federal data requirements.

When a North American health department decided to use FrontDesk to manage appointments and walk-ins for citizens receiving the COVID vaccine, FrontDesk proved itself more than capable of handling these needs.

Within 7 days, the FrontDesk team worked with the health department to create a custom appointment booking interface that would be used across four sites to allow anyone year 75+ living in the relevant region to book an appointment to receive their vaccine. The first day alone, the region received 1800+ appointments, and has been operating at full capacity since then.

The health department started out with four sites and has expanded to six, and allowed bookings for people in high-risk areas, highest risk medical conditions, prioritized health care workers, long term care home residents, along with bookings for 1st, 2nd+ doses.

When preparing for go-live, FrontDesk provided support and enabled custom configuration of the websites and schedules. The FrontDesk team worked with the help department to create the relevant vaccines on the FrontDesk online booking site. The health department wanted to have an online booking site for both local residents and internal for call centres. FrontDesk provided training to all types of users. This consisted of training for the admin module or the backend, where administrators would be able to make changes to reservation sites, schedules, queues, and services, among others, as well as training for the Employee App, which employees use to manage the flow of citizens coming in for their booking, get an overview of the day and manage capacity for the given days ahead.

Stellar FrontDesk Support

Throughout the entire process, FrontDesk maintained an excellent level of support. FrontDesk provides clients with support during both regular business hours as well as extended support during evenings and weekends. With a very intuitive and easy-to-use system, making changes is simple, but clients can access support for quality assurance, consulting, testing, and even building out new changes when needed. If any issues cropped up, they were always resolved within a few days and most often within a few hours, and they never impacted the level of service provided to citizens.

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Intuitive admin module and easy to use

The FrontDesk system is very intuitive and easy to use regardless of a client’s technical background. Changes are straightforward to make and often take less than a minute. With bookings for vaccinations and other immunizations, the schedule for all locations was constantly changing. With FrontDesk’s system, the schedules were easy to change on the fly, before the changes were in effect, and when future schedules were known, they could be loaded into the system to automatically take effect on certain days.

FrontDesk’s scheduling system also allows the health department to set the number of appointments based on the number of vaccines available, ensuring that no one with an appointment is left without a shot. Besides this, this means the clinics are running at 100% capacity. The number of days into the future a resident can book is also flexible and easy to modify, so the bookings can be restricted to any period in which the vaccine availability is known.

Likewise, adding new queues and services is as simple as the click of a button. The health department started by offering bookings for only those in the older age category, but eventually expanded to include many different groups. These were easily integrated into the FrontDesk system and it took only minutes to set up the ability to make a life-changing vaccination appointment!

Adding more sites is also a simple process. Although the health department started with 4 locations, they eventually moved to 6, and the extra locations online appointment sites went live the day after the health department decided they needed it. FrontDesk makes it very easy to expand capacity, whether by offering vaccines to new groups of people, adding locations, adding number of appointments per day, or any other changes.

Complying with federal data requirements

Although FrontDesk was not built with COVID-19 in mind, its flexibility allows clients to upload appointment data gathered from the system into the federal system easily. The federal system did not allow for any automatic integrations, however, the FrontDesk team came up with a solution: The number and type of fields required in the federal system can easily be implemented in FrontDesk, and a CSV file of the data can then be uploaded to the federal system. For example, citizens can provide their names, gender, addresses, date of birth, health card number, and more into FrontDesk.

Yet another successful FrontDesk implementation for online bookings.

Key take-aways

  • Less than 10 days from conception to go-live
  • Extended support to resolve issues same day and often within 2-3 hours
  • Scheduling changes and other changes can be made within minutes
  • Pop up clinics take minutes to set up
  • Easy to comply with federal data rules

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