Online Appointment Bookings – from idea to reality in a few days

An urgent Problem

A Canadian City needed a way to manage the distribution of rapid antigen testing kits for the City’s daycares.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, a Canadian province pushed an initiative to distribute RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) kits to childcare clinics. The shipment would arrive over the weekend and distribution had to begin the coming week. With pressure from all sides, a City needed to find a solution on how to manage the distribution. Luckily, they could use FrontDesk.

From idea to reality within a few days

Near the end of the workday, the North American FrontDesk team received an urgent request from the City during the early days of 2022. With the influx of COVID-19 cases, a sudden shipment of RAT kits had to be distributed a few days later. Given such a short notice, the City had yet to sort out all the details of the distribution but needed an online booking system that childcare centres can use to schedule pickups for their allocated RAT kits. Within the day, the FrontDesk team was able to set up a reservation site to fit the city’s needs. As the city got more details; the changes in schedules, booking page verbiage, pick-up locations, etc. were quickly added in by the FrontDesk team. Only minor adjustments had to be made, in large part due to the FrontDesk team’s initial configuration and the flexibility of the system. One week later, the website would be available to all childcare clinics in the City, allowing them to book their pick-up appointments – painlessly. The system was fully operational, despite the tight time frame. A sigh of relief for the City and the FrontDesk team.
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Distribution management made easy

Thanks to the data that FrontDesk collects, it made managing the allocation of RAT kits and distribution easier. The FrontDesk team was able to create an automated workflow that would link a booking with the City’s childcare allocation numbers. Staff effortlessly knew the correct amount of RAT kits the instant a booking was made. An automated report guide the distribution from the two distribution centres.

Intuitive software for staff and customers

FrontDesk’s intuitive Employee App and online booking site meant it was a straightforward experience for everyone. Childcare centres were emailed a link to the online booking site. All they had to do was select their preferred pickup location, time, and licence number. With a click of a button, their booking was confirmed. This could be done on an internet browser, using any device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.). Staff just had to view the automated report and distribute accordingly. Again, all accessible via internet browser with any device. While the online booking site managed all the bookings, staff can use that saved time on other matters (managing inventory, shifts, etc.). With their bookings, childcare workers do not have to worry about waiting in a line (for who knows how long) to get the RAT kits. They just arrive and pickup, as simple as that.
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Key take-aways

  • Close collaboration between FrontDesk and City
  • From idea to go-live in a few days
  • Data and reporting set up in custom fashion for City needs
  • Changing regulations and directives not a problem for FrontDesk

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