How FrontDesk helped the Provincial Courts in the City of Mississauga

Routing in-person foot traffic based on service type, decreased wait times and visual management tools are just some of the benefits of FrontDesk.

With an average wait time of just 2 minutes, FrontDesk’s Queue Management System (QMS) implementation at the Ontario Court of Justice was a success for both staff and visitors form day one.

Mock up of FrontDesk Monitor

Results from day one

The Ontario Court of Justice in Mississauga had explored a number of different queuing solutions to meet its unique needs. Customization and the ability to dynamically switch from walk-ins to online reservations was a key requirement.

The search ended after learning about how FrontDesk’s comprehensive queue and appointment management platform would help optimize their operations. The results were immediate:

From day one, staff could see the results of their hard work instantly with better visitor flow, decreased wait times and improved communications using FrontDesk’s digital signage and speech to text technology for announcing queue numbers to the appropriate counters for processing, e.g. Inquiries, Payments, Trials, etc.

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Track key KPIs to ensure better planning

FrontDesk’s comprehensive statistics module can now help both staff and management plan their day for items such as work planning, resourcing, meetings and breaks. In addition, management can now report on key measurements such as wait time, operation/transaction time, number of customers including identifying services that have the highest use.

FrontDesk enables staff to work smarter and better when servicing customers with their inquiries and service needs.

The solution has been tried and tested in various services areas, with flexible options enabling the City to continue to deliver services in a safe and responsible way.