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The University of Copenhagen Student Service advises and assists students at the Faculty of Science and Life Sciences at the University of Copenhagen (KU) in all matters relating to education. Before, the supervisors spent time looking for students who had come to the Student Services. As a result, they had to call for students in the study area. For this reason, they searched for a system to manage bookings and queues – and found FrontDesk.

“Our students deserve digital solutions that work perfectly.”
Employee of SCIENCE Student Service Philipp Lorenzen

KU SCIENCE’s student service is located in the city of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen and serves 12,000 students. Student Services is, in many ways, the external face of the faculty and is an important part of the faculty’s overall strategy to provide students with a modern and professional service.

“Our services must run smoothly and easily so that we can appear credible and professional – and the FrontDesk system is part of that strategy.” – Philipp Lorenzen

FrontDesk saves desk time

FrontDesk was introduced at the beginning of study, on September 1, 2019, and has been running smoothly from day one. Prior to the introduction of FrontDesk, the Student Service had two permanent employees at the counter. They now have free time for other tasks and everything is now managed digitally or by telephone.

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Discreet and effective

FrontDesk has ensured that reservations and queue management can be processed without delays for either supervisors or students. Students can easily make reservations for counseling time on the faculty’s website, and when they register their arrival at the FrontDesk kiosk in the student services area, their supervisor is automatically notified. When the supervisor is ready, the student is called via an information screen that tells the student which orientation room to go to. This way, all communication is done without unnecessary delays for the supervisor and without disturbing anyone in the study area.

“With FrontDesk we have an effective and discreet information flow in relation to the students. It works professionally for the students, it is effective for supervisors and does not disturb the other students in the study area”. – Philipp Lorenzen

Great collaboration with FrontDesk

FrontDesk has tailored a simple and easy-to-use solution that, throughout the information flow, shows only a few options needed. The entire process from start-up to introduction of the finished system has taken approximately 3 months. The actual implementation of the system in Student Service only took a few days.

“FrontDesk is clear and easy to use – for both students and tutors.” – Philipp Lorenzen

The students experience FrontDesk as intuitive and have no difficulty in using the solution. From day one, students have been able to book resevations online and use the kiosk in Student Service without questions.

“Students need to spend time studying, not unnecessary administration,” says Philipp Lorenzen.

“It has been a really good and fast process. FrontDesk has listened to us and is willing to develop unique features. They have been flexible and have developed the system in a few days. What has delayed the process has been ourselves.” – Philipp Lorenzen

Better service for urgent tasks

In addition to the student’s booking of consultation, the faculty administrative staff has the opportunity to make appointments with students. This is typically necessary in cases of urgency, such as the issuing of a diploma. The employee makes an appointment with the student and the student checks in on the kiosk. The administrative staff member receives a message and can go down and meet the student in the reception area of Student Service.

“The appointment system was a positive side benefit. Today we can manage the urgent tasks so that they are part of our planning, and we can give the students the service they expect, without delay and stress.” – Philipp Lorenzen

Emergency booking is a new service

FrontDesk has also made it possible for Student Services to establish an extra service for the students, namely an emergency booking of consultation. Each day, the Student Service publishes two emergency schedules for advice that students can book online.

This service was tailored to us by FrontDesk, and it is important because there are sometimes situations where a student for various reasons does not have time to wait” says Philipp Lorenzen.

Higher occupancy and faster time for guidance

In terms of efficiency, one of the positive rewards of FrontDesk has been that Student Services now has a higher occupancy rate of consultation times. Where the occupancy rate used to be around 75%, it is now around 95%. This better utilization is probably due to the fact that it has become easier for students to cancel a reservation so that others can book the available time.

“Although FrontDesk is not about improving efficiency for us, it is an added benefit that both improves our resource utilization and allows students to get time for consultation faster.” – Philipp Lorenzen

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Key take-aways

  • Less than 2 days to implement and install
  • From 75% to 95% occupancy rate for consultations
  • Intuitive to use for both staff and students
  • The Smart Kiosk means students and staff are not disturbed
  • Freed up staff resources for other relevant tasks

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