Smart Online Appointment Booking with FrontDesk

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Why Online Appointment Booking is Important

FrontDesk online appointment booking tool takes care of everything from pre-booking to after-service surveys.

  • Convenience of booking an appointment from home.
  • Increased Efficiency by reducing the manual work for staff
  • Remove barriers for services by allowing the convenience of online bookings
  • Reduce the amount of no-shows with clear and automated communication
Female health practitioner in green scrubs, mask and gloves use a tablet

Avoid peaks and get a seamless flow of patients

Online bookings can help to reduce the workload for staff and increase the efficiency of the booking process. With FrontDesk booking platform, you avoid peak hours.

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What is included?

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  • Set up an online reservation site in 5 minutes
  • Build screening flows to ensure the right service is booked
  • Get appointments into your own calendar automatically
  • Schedule your availability down to the minute
  • Patients can check-in with their smart phone
  • Get instant notification when a patient has arrived
  • Plan your day with no surprises and no overtime
  • Set up individual confirmation and reminder SMS/Email
  • Get analytics on bookings and track performance
  • Use the Employee App to get an overview of your day, week and month
  • Set up specific user rights to allow for differentiated access
  • Create a great patient experience for your patients
  • Get highly satisfied staff who knows what their day looks like
  • And much more!