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Online Appointment Booking is nothing new

… but the effects are enormous.

Typically, much time is spent trying to coordinate schedules and confirm a booking. This typically involves calling a department or person to inquire about availability, certain requirements and more. We can all save valuable time and use online appointment booking instead.

There are several advantages to using online appointment booking:

  1. Convenience: Online appointment booking allows people to schedule appointments from their own devices at any time, without having to visit a physical location or make a phone call. This can be especially useful for people who are busy or who have limited access to transportation.
  2. Efficiency: Online appointment booking systems can help to streamline the appointment process, making it easier and faster for people to schedule appointments and for service providers to manage their schedules. With FrontDesk, you can easily triage customers to the right service – and channel.
  3. Improved communication: Online appointment booking systems often allow for communication between service providers and customers, such as email or text message reminders. This can help to ensure that appointments are not missed and can improve overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Better resource management: FrontDesk’s online appointment booking platform can help service providers to better manage their resources, such as staff and equipment, by allowing them to schedule appointments in advance and track demand for their services.
  5. Increased accessibility: Online appointment booking can make it easier for people with disabilities or special needs to schedule appointments, as they may not have to physically visit the service provider or navigate a busy or crowded waiting area.
  6. Reduced no-shows: Online appointment booking systems often allow service providers to set reminders or send notifications to customers to help reduce the number of missed or cancelled appointments. This can help to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the service.

The 80-20 Rule for Online Bookings

Data from FrontDesk clients shows that approximately 80% of customers book online rather than calling or walking into e.g. City Hall. The good thing is, this will leave staff resources available for the 20% who do not or cannot book online.

Read more about the 80-20 Rule here


Customer Flow Management

Are you tired of long wait times and disorganized customer flow at your location? It’s time to consider implementing a customer flow – or queue – management system. This goes hand in hand with FrontDesk’s online appointment booking.

Read more about FrontDesk’s Customer Flow Management

All in all, there are many great ideas as to why you should use FrontDesk’s online appointment booking. Why wait? Contact us now.

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Key take-aways

  • Online Appointment Booking is an easy way to improve your service delivery
  • Queue Management works in tandem with online appointment booking
  • FrontDesk’s team will guide you to the best solution for you.

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