Transfer patients between units with FrontDesk’s technology

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Simplify your waiting area and internal processes

Use FrontDesk’s Employee App and Smart Kiosk to easily transfer patients physically – from waiting areas to specialist and between units and departments.

Let us show you how.

Patient checks in

The patient checks in using the FrontDesk Smart Kiosk. Staff can now track the patient.

Staff transfer patient

When patient is done with e.g. drawing blood, staff can transfer the patient to another unit. The new unit is then notified.

Unit receives patient

Patient will be notified along the way using Digital Signage and other forms of communication.

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Modernize patient transfers

With FrontDesk Employee App and Smart Kiosk, transferring patients become a breeze. Avoid the hassle of manually calling a patient’s name in your waiting area by modernizing your waiting area.

  1. To notify staff re. a patient transfer, all you have to do is click a button in FrontDesk, and the patient is automatically moved to another staff or units’ view.
  2. Staff will be notified that a patient is ready for their area.
  3. Once staff is ready to see the patient, the patient will be notified and you can proceed accordingly.

The best part?

  • No more wondering where your patient is.
  • No more shouting the patient’s name at the top of your lungs
  • And no more wasting time on administrative tasks that technology can solve.