Manage your waiting room with FrontDesk’s queue management system

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Eliminate wait time and create a unique experience

Waiting room management is an essential aspect of running a successful health facility. One of the most effective ways to manage a waiting room is by implementing a queue management system with a FrontDesk Smart Kiosk.

Reduce administrative tasks


Let the FrontDesk Smart Kiosk handle all patient check-ins. The Smart Kiosk can triage your patient too and staff will be notified about patient check-ins.

Show – don’t tell – with digital signage


Use the Smart Kiosk or a Monitor to highlight relevant information. The Monitor becomes a key part of your communication with your patients.

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Get comprehensive data and analytics


Use the analytics to your advantage and improve your operations. Use the data to project and forecast the needs of the future.

Let technology help you with check-ins and registration

Use the FrontDesk Smart Kiosk for both patients with appointments as well as walk-ins. The intuitive interface is easy to create and configure for any given situation.

With the Smart Kiosk it is easy for:

  • Patients to check-in for their appointment
  • Patients to join the queue as a walk-in
  • Patients to register for a visit and provide further information
  • Staff to be notified of patient’s arrival
  • Staff to focus on other tasks instead of manual work
  • Staff to call new arrivals using Digital Signage instead of “calling” a patients name
  • Staff to automatically pre-screen patients using the kiosk


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Digital Signage for your Waiting Area

Digital signage is an important tool for patient navigation, relevant information about e.g. health campaigns and wait times.

All FrontDesk Digital Signage units use text-to-speech technology, which can improve the overall customer experience and increase accessibility for a wide range of customers.

  • Multilingual options create a more inclusive experience
  • Easy customizable content – show relevant information
  • Brand the layout to your needs

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Transfer patients between units

Learn how FrontDesk’s innovative technology makes it easy to transfer patients between units using notifications and digital signage. This will reduce the need for manual labour.

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